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Futuristic neighbourhood

Google, a company that's built everything from a search engine to a self-driving car, will now try its hand at a city neighborhood.

According to CNN, a subsidiary of Google inc.Alphabet is going to build a whole high-tech area with developed infrastructure on the part of the Toronto coast. Alphbet's Sidewalk Labs is investing $ 50 in this project. According to the initiators of the construction, the company will do everything to ensure that the Quaside project is named after the district project, to ensure a high standard of living for people, reduce pollution, and utilize waste to improve the environment.
According to the most ambitious estimates, Sidewalk plans to increase drinking water volumes by 65%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 73% and recycle up to 90% of waste.
Movement in the area will be carried out on bicycles, electric vehicles, or on foot.
“This is not an accidental idea,” says Alphabet chairman Eric Schmit, “this is the result of a decade of work on how technology can improve the lives of ordinary people.”
Sidewalk also reports that broadband high-speed Internet will be provided throughout the area, not only for the needs of ordinary people, but also for continuous monitoring of the environment.
the Canadian government has high hopes for the Quaside project, because it can lay the foundation for the future development of the entire Toronto coast.


Photo by CNN

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