21 August 2019

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Environmentalists unite in the political party

Tashkent hosted the founding congress of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, which was attended by delegates from all regions of the country selected at regional conferences.

A decision was made to create a party, members of the Central Council and the control and auditing commission were elected, the program and the charter of the party were adopted.

The initiative to create a new political structure was proposed in November by a meeting of citizens, environmental specialists, physicians, scientists, representatives of education and civil society institutions. At the same time, an organizing committee was created. The new party operates on the basis of experience gained by the Ecology Movement.

It was mentioned that an imperative for the unification was the relevance of environmental issues and the need to further development of Ecological Movement as a separate political force.

On that day, a plenum of the Central Council of the new party of Uzbekistan was held, at which organizational issues were considered - members of the executive committee, its chairman and deputies were elected, and party symbols were approved.

Ecoparties occupy an important place in political life and operate in more than 100 countries.


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