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24 Apr  2019 2297

Ombudsman for Children and maintenance payments at demand

The Decree of the President “On additional measures in connection with the strengthening of guarantees of the rights of the child” stipulates a wide range of measures for child support.

The Decree introduced an institution of the Ombudsman for Children. The status of the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights is equal to the Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman). The main task of the children's ombudsman will be monitoring the implementation of laws on the rights of the child.

Meanwhile it has also envisaged measures to support orphans and children living without parents. Thus, children left without parental care have the right to book houses in the municipal and municipal housing fund of a special purpose until they reach the age of 18 while staying in charity houses, with a guardian or sponsor.

A child aged 14 has the right to bring a claim for the recovery of both his / her parents of alimony for their maintenance, if they live without parents, in the amount prescribed by law, in cases where there is no agreement between the parents on the payment of alimony or they are not paid voluntarily and no one of the parents did not go to court with a claim or a petition for the recovery of alimony;

Starting the 2019/2020 academic year graduates of orphanages acquire a 1% quota for the state grant admissions from the total number of admission of applicants to universities.

The document provides for the development of a law “On the social protection of orphans and children left without parental care.”

Meanwhile, the adopted Decree states that  full consideration of children’s appeals directly to state bodies is guaranteed, leaving the application without consideration due to the child’s incomplete legal capacity is not allowed.

A claimant petitioning for the protection of children is exempt from paying state fees and other fees.

Regardless of place of residence and nationality, children are provided with all social services.

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