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Tashkent to open new Children’s Multidisciplinary Medical Center

The center, which is being built in Yashnabad district together with South Korea’s Economic Development Cooperation Fund, will consist of 4 four-storey blocks. The latest equipment worth more than 42 million USD will be installed here. This will allow to conduct high-precision diagnostics and effective treatment of childhood diseases.
The Head of the state got acquainted with the construction of the medical center.
“Due to wrong diagnosis and lack of medical qualification sick children and their parents faced difficulties, and if a disease is serious, the child could remain unhealthy forever. The most important feature of the center is that it will be the primary for the rest of such institutions in our country. Children in remote areas will be assisted through telemedicine”, said the President.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that more attention should be paid to training. Cooperation with South Korea in this direction develops. 19 physicians improved their skills at Pusan University. Many more physicians, nurses, and information technology specialists will be trained abroad.
Next to this institution, it is planned to build a multidisciplinary medical center for adults, also in cooperation with South Korea. Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Endovascular Surgery, Angioneurology and Orthopedics departments will operate in the clinic, designed for 300 beds. An opportunity will be provided to conduct more than 8 thousand high-tech operations per year.

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