23 July 2019

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29 Jan  2019 1463

Transfer of counter data via Wi-Fi

Specialists discussed in Tashkent how Smart Grid + Wi-Fi 2.0 technology and other promising projects can shape Uzbekistan's Smart City concept.

The event, organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the American company Dreyfus Capital, was attended by the heads and specialists of relevant ministries and agencies.

Innovative Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019–2021 identifies priority tasks for introducing the latest achievements of scientific and innovative activity into society. At the event, special attention was paid to measures for improving the infrastructure, application of innovative technologies within the framework of Smart City concept.

The Smart Grid concept can greatly simplify the collection of information from metering systems of electricity distribution and consumption. The smart system of the new generation even includes wi-fi. It future it opens possibilities for reaching a new level in the field of gas, water, and heat control.

It is an interesting idea to think of, however, steps have already been taken to introduce it into practice. Experts and managers discussed the "road map" for launching a pilot project of an innovation platform.

At the meeting, opinions were expressed on the Smart Grid project. Further actions for implementation of a pilot project of Delta Energy & Communications technology platform were discussed.

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