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29 Mar  2019 563

CIS Border Troops Commanders met in Tashkent

A meeting of the Council of Border Troops Commanders of the CIS member states was attended by delegations of the border troops of the Commonwealth states, representatives of international organizations.

Secretary of the Security Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan V.Makhmudov, Chairman of the executive committee – CIS Executive Secretary S.Lebedev, welcoming the participants, praised the activity of the Council of Border Troops Commanders on ensuring the inviolability of the CIS states borders.

Nine issues of the agenda were considered. According to them, the leaders of the border agencies of the CIS countries have adopted more than 20 decisions of the Council.

The situation on the external borders of the CIS member states of the Central Asian region and its development trends for the near future were comprehensively analyzed at the meeting. Particular attention was paid to relevant aspects of the issue.

The draft Programs of the CIS countries’ cooperation on strengthening security at external borders for 2021-2025 and Determinations of the Council of Heads of States on it, as well as Decisions of the Council of CIS Heads of States on the List of formations for inclusion in the group of border and other agencies of the CIS member states sent to resolve a crisis situation at external borders were approved.

The preparation of joint special border operations to curb illegal activities across the external borders of the CIS member states in the north-western, western and Central Asian areas in 2019, as well as organizational issues of their conduction in 2020 were considered at the event.

A package of documents on the issues of planning the activities of the Council of Commanders and implementation of joint research projects aimed at improving the forms and methods of protecting the external borders of the Commonwealth member states was adopted at the meeting.

At the same time, an agreement was reached on holding a relay race in 2020 along the external borders of the CIS member states, timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Personnel issues and issues related to the veteran movement of border guards were considered.

Participants noted the high level of preparation for the meeting of the Council of Border Troops Commanders in Tashkent. The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for the second half of 2019 in the Republic of Belarus.

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