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How will Samarkand remember the 2018?

Each of us will remember the passing year in our own way. Someone might had a birth in the family. Other made the cherished dream real. One got a step higher in career growth. There are significant events for all. They may be included in the annals of our glorious city. Without pretending to absolute objectivity, we chose bright and resonant facts from the life of Samarkand for 2018.

Opening of the mausoleum and monument to the First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

The General Research and Production Directorate for the protection and use of cultural heritage objects under the Ministry of Culture developed the mausoleum construction project. The development was carried out in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Center and the ICOMOS Council.

The memorial complex embodies the best traditions of Central Asian architecture. Green onyx decorates the lower part, and precious stones - the upper. A gravestone of white stone rests inside.

Eleven pavilions are installed on the territory, and the evening lighting has been completely renewed.  

No obstacles on the border

In early March, the Sarazm-Dzharpa checkpoint between the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan and the Sogd region of Tajikistan was reopened.  

This was the result of inter-state work to strengthen the long-standing friendly ties between our peoples. Now residents of the two countries can travel and visit relatives and friends without too much paperwork.

New tram route

The second tramline began to work. The length of the route connecting the Samarkand railway station and Siab Bazaar is 5 km, with 18 stops along the way. The journey takes 20 minutes.

According to the head of the Directorate of the for the operation of tram lines  F. Murtazaev, the passenger traffic of the tram routes is an average of 450 thousand people, with 40 percent of them contributing to the new line.

A balloon over Registan Square

In early April, an indicative launch took place on Registan Square. For the first time a balloon had risen over Registan Square. The initiators of the unique spectacle were the group of companies “Vendo Group” together with the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the Aeronautics Federation.

That day Registan was crowded even more that ever. The balloon was filled with warm air for several hours, and then it rose to a height of one hundred meters. After a couple of weeks, five more balloons controlled by Swiss pilots had risen over the ancient city.

New measures on traffic safety

In May, many citizens were interested in curious scoreboards with electronic numbers and smiles along the roads. As it turned out, this is a speed limit reminder to drivers, which is of the Safe City program.

By the end of the year the installation of modern surveillance and video cameras, as well as photo-radar complexes at major intersections and streets of the city, on highways of international importance, that go through the region, is almost completed.

The Silk Road International University of Tourism has been opened

Students from the other regions of the country have become the residents of the ancient city as the new education facility provided housing for all. The foreign teachers teach «carrier subjects» in English.

With a minus sign: corruption scandal

The news about the arrest of the head of the regional administration T. Dzhuraev came to light for the whole republic. It was reported in news program of «Uzbekistan 24" TV channel.

The khokim had organized a bribery vertical, extorted money from regional entrepreneurs for apartments’ construction permits and land allocation.

The investigation is completed, and the case was brought to court.

Samarkand City General Plan

Its development was preceded by a series of scandals associated with private buildings in the historic part of the city. The Toshkentboshplanlity State Unitary Enterprise together with foreign experts are working on the general plan.

From now on, proposals for the development of the historical zone must necessarily be coordinated with the UNESCO World Heritage Center and the Ministry of Culture, as well as homeowners.

Asian Human Rights Forum

It was held in Samarkand in November and was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In his address to the forum participants, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the future of the Asian continent largely depends on the readiness to follow the objectives defined in the United Nations agenda in sustainable development for the period up to 2030, as well as the formation of effective regional mechanism for the protection of human rights. The Samarkand Declaration "The Effects of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Challenges of Time and the Realities" was signed.

The forum made history of international work for the human rights protection and increased the authority of Uzbekistan on the world stage. The number of participants amounted to about 400 people.

The second largest flag in the country

The State flag has been set on the city’s central square for the Constitution Day. It rises 60 meters above the city, 20 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Flagstaff is only five meters lower that the one installed in Tashkent previously this year while the flag itself is identical.

Anastasia Pavlenko.

Photo: Asia-Travel.uz


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