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22 Okt  2019 1047

CER has been transformed into the Center for Economic Research and Reforms

An open innovation platform based on the “open space” principle and the Center of the working body of the Accelerator of Social and Economic Reforms will be created at the CERR.

The platform should provide:

creation of a special web-portal on the Internet for the interaction of government bodies with the public and the scientific community, through conducting surveys, introducing feedback mechanisms between civil society and government authorities, as well as discussing urgent problems in the socio-economic sphere;

formation of research groups including specialists, mainly from the private sector, in order to discuss broadly the initiatives being developed and legal acts on reforming socio-economic sphere, as well as ensuring that the interests of all parties are taken into consideration;

initiating thematic meetings and discussions with authorized government bodies and organizations, as well as representatives of the media, business circles, the expert community and the wide public;

ensuring the direct participation of stakeholders in solving practical issues of the implementation of the initiatives and legal acts aimed at reforming the socio-economic sphere, through information and communication technologies;

creation of a platform for students of high schools to improve their practical skills by participating in the events and activities of the Center.

The decree provides organization of the Accelerator of socio-economic reforms under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the creation of the Accelerator working body at CERR with the mobilization of resources of state bodies and organizations in order to accelerate, promptly and effectively solve acute problems in the field of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan.

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