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24 Sep  2019 1130

Bracelet instead of a keyboard

Facebook bought the start-up company to manage the computer with power of thought.

Startup CTRL-Labs develops software that enables people to control computers using brain impulses, that is, without the keyboard and mouse controller, Bloomberg reported. The transaction amount estimated between $ 500 million to $ 1 billion.

Vice President Andrew Bosworth Facebook said that one of the development CTRL-Labs is a bracelet that reads the signals coming from the brain. In particular, the owners of these bracelets will be able to print text on the computer without using the keyboard. They will need only to knock his fingers on the table, simulating the printing.

This technology can be further incorporated into smart phones, and used in conjunction with virtual reality goggles. A person using glasses with the phone, or bracelet, can operate a computer without a keyboard and mouse.

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