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11 Apr  2019 3351

Prosecutor General's Office commented on the of Amnesty International appeal about Rashit Kadirov

In response to Amnesty International’s allegations of torture and threats against Rashit Kadirov, Uzbekistan’s former Prosecutor General, accused of bribery and embezzlement, as well as other economic crimes, Prosecutor General's Office in particular, notes:

 “From the very beginning of the investigation, R.Kadirov was granted the right to defense, ensured the participation of a lawyer in all investigative actions, as well as the possibility of visiting him in private without any restrictions.

Given the age of R. Kadirov and other defendants, during the preliminary investigation, their health status was under the constant supervision of medical institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the consideration of the case in court, medical support has been also provided and a separate special vehicle equipped with all the necessary medical equipment is allocated.

During the investigation, a forensic medical examination was carried out, according to which R. Kadirov’s state of health does not interfere with his detention and no injuries were found. ”

The Prosecutor General’s Office also commented on the reports of Amnesty International that Rashit Kadirov saw his family-appointed lawyer Alisher Madyarov for the first time only in August 2018, six months into his detention and  told him that he had sustained pressure from authorities to reject independent legal representation:

“It should be noted that lawyer A.Madjarov, acting on the basis of a legal assistance agreement concluded with the “Shcheglov and Partners” Moscow law firm, has applied for participation as an attorney in a criminal case against R.Kadirov only on July 18, 2018.

The investigating authorities immediately took measures to notify R. Kadirov, who, in the presence of A. Madjarov, has refused his services on his own initiative, said that there was no physical or psychological pressure against him and he testified voluntarily. R. Kadirov also noted that he already has a legal representative and he does not need to attract an additional lawyer. ”


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