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10 Jan  2019 1214

The struggle for saxaul forests preservation continues in Kazakhstan

The moratorium on the saxaul cutting at the state forest fund Kazakhstan was extended for another five years.

The current ban was introduced four years ago, according to the news portal of the Khabar news agency.

The document made it possible to increase the tree plantations and reanimate part of the dried land. For example, in the Aral Sea region, saxaul makes up 87% of all forest. As part of a project to preserve forests, over 57 thousand hectares of saxaul plantations have been planted in the dried Aral Sea. In the coming year it is planned to introduce shrubs to another 10 thousand hectares of the seabed.

It is noted that since the beginning of 2018, 49 cases of illegal cutting of trees have been registered in the region. Fines were imposed on 10 people, another 3 were brought to community service, and 2 were imprisoned for up to one year. 25 violators are exempt from criminal liability by the court after environmental damage compensation.

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