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19 Jan  2019 2949

Kindergartens introduce paid services

They might start working on weekends or extend the working hours, as well as organize different classes for an additional cost.

“The Ministry of Preschool Education received substantial number of requests for the extension of the kindergartens’ working day, as full-time working parents did not have time to pick up the children. However, we could not demand kindergartens’ staff to overwork after 6:00 pm, since it contradicts the labor legislation. The introduction of paid services gives the ability to pay overtime or hire an additional specialist to make the schedule more flexible and convenient for parents. Parents will also directly influence the types and prices of paid services through the supervisory board, which has three representatives from each group,” said Sherzod Pardayev, head of the financial and economic development planning department of The Ministry of Preschool Education.

Admission to the group with additional services is based on the application of parents. However the number of children in such groups should not exceed 25. Obtaining paid services is voluntary and is formalized by an agreement between the head of the kindergarten and one of the parents.

The additional services might be provided by outside specialists or employees of a preschool educational institution on the basis of an agreement on overtime work. Eighty percent of the funds received will be spent on strengthening the material and technical base of kindergartens and material incentives for specialists, - the press service of the Ministry reports.


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