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Bats save forests from being cut down

The house in which a colony of bats was discovered, and the adjacent land is declared a conservation area, and the former owner is works as a caretaker.

Bats are threatened with extinction. The problem is so serious that they undertook to defend the UN. This is spelled out in an international agreement on the protection of populations of European bats. Secretariat, who directs this work in Europe, located in Bonn.

Bats are increasingly settle in cities, according to Deutsche Welle.

- In Germany, a highly developed agriculture. Free and uncultivated land is getting smaller due to the use of pesticides to reduce the number of insects that feed on bats, so they are displaced from their usual habitat, fly into the city, settle under the roofs of houses, - explains biologist Suren Ghazaryan.

In Germany, work effectively laws protecting animals. Moreover, both the federal and regional levels. The owners of the houses, before demolish or carry out its reconstruction, should invite experts on biodiversity. If the home colony of bats are found, before you start work, you must provide a plan to save or animal relocation. Without him, the reconstruction will be banned.
When faced the interests of owners and the state, both sides are trying to find compromise solutions. Sometimes, the state through environmental organizations buys home owners, which are home to bats. "It happened recently with one of the houses in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Union for Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity (Naturschutzbund Deutschland, NABU) bought from private owners house, in which settled a colony of Myotis myotis. Now this house and the adjacent land is declared a protected zone, and former owner works caretaker "- says Suren Ghazaryan. Such examples are many. NABU with the support of different structures even bought a plot drifts in the Eifel mountain region, rehabilitated and built there a sanctuary for bats. Today, living in the former mine shafts 30 to 50 thousand bats representing 16 species listed in the Red Book.

- In addition, in the forestry sector in Germany has strict regulations prohibiting deforestation in places of residence of bats. And if you have to cut down old trees, it is necessary to create artificial nests for bats, something like nesting boxes for birds, - the expert emphasizes.

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