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21 Feb  2019 675

Any questions you would like to address to Uzbekistan ministries, departments, regional administrations?

Pravda Vostoka launches the interactive platform "Your question - our answer." We are not limited to a specific area. We are ready to address any authority and seek a direct answer together with you.

Pravda Vostoka has been working on the citizens’ appeals of for many years. However, communication channels have changed. Now the letter can be sent via e-mail to pv.uz.vopros@gmail.com, a message on our Facebook page facebook.com/PravdaVostoka.

Questions and answers can be published on the pages of the newspaper "PV" in the special box. 

We ask you to provide us with contact details - first name, last name, telephone number, address, e-mail (this information will not be published).


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