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Another way to break into an account in Instagram

Naked Security specialists of the company, engaged in cyber security, have discovered a new method of fraud in Instagram.

Firstly users receives the information by email, that their Instagram account will be suspended within 24 hours due to the infringement of intellectual property rights by the user. The letter is often drawn with many grammatical errors.

In the letter there is a button with the link titled Copyright Objection Form ( «Challenging the infringement of intellectual property rights"), which asks users to click to avoid account suspension. When you click a transition to the link to the fake page in Instagram, email address which ends in «.cf», rather than «.com».

On the page, the user is prompted to enter your date of birth, email address and password from Instagram. Once the user enters the data, it is redirected to your profile page in Instagram.
Experts advise users to carefully read them come to letters and e-mails to use two-factor authentication, which complicates access to the account, even if the password kidnapping him, reports Lenta.ru.

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