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Another step in promoting ziyorat tourism

A delegation of ulamas, Hadith scholars, journalists, writers and entrepreneurs led by the Director of Uzbekistan Tourist Information Centre in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Hamid Mahmoud visits in Namangan.

During the visit, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Pakistan in cooperation with Uzbekistan Tourist Information Centre, the guests visited Khidoya secondary special Islamic educational institution and saw conditions created for students in receiving religious and secular knowledge.

The guests noted that this secondary special Islamic educational institution, operating in a modern complex on the territory of Oromgoh residential area of the regional center, is located in a high area of the city with a temperate climate.

The complex has modern classrooms, an information and resource center equipped with modern technologies, a conference room, a building for students, a winter and summer sports facilities, a canteen, prayer room and separate buildings for the regional office of the Muslims Board of Uzbekistan.

The territory of the school is more than 10 hectares, where more than 10 thousand fruit and ornamental trees are planted.

The school has 150 students, in addition to religious sciences who study the basics of spirituality, the native language, accounting and computer science.

Guests from Pakistan, accompanied by a representative of the regional office of the Muslims Board of Uzbekistan in Namangan region Abdulkhay Tursunov, visited Mulla Bozor Ohund mausoleum located in the regional center and Sultan Uwais Qarani mausoleum in Chartak district.

At the meeting held in Namangan Investment and Innovation Center with representatives of the regional khokimiyat, tourism department and travel agencies, views were exchanged on prospects for cooperation in developing ziyorat tourism, establishing scientific, literary and creative ties.

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