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"Ambulance" at the international standard level

By 2021, service of "first aid" completely abandon the brand of cars "Damas" and move to the use of modern ambulances equipped according to international standards. By the end of 2019 it is provided to establish in all ambulances convenient communications, GPS system that provides rapid referral to place the call.

Update of special sanitary fleet ambulance service, the establishment of the call-center system, where doctors began to work, equipping ambulances with GPS-navigators - important factors of protection of our nation's health. Today about two and a half thousand modern ambulances mark "Nissan", "Hunday", "Toyota" serves the people, UzA reported.

Opinions of residents about the use of ambulance cars "Damas" (style of authors preserved):

Erkin Kuchkarov: «mother called an ambulance. Damas arrived. The elderly man could not get into it. Good thing I have a car. I had to go accompanied by ambulance. And what else? Who ever came up with using these loaves as ambulances? "
"Not long ago i saw the modern ambulance cars showed in Western countries, because they are equipped with lifts, it is the necessary equipment for the safe transport of patients. I just can not imagine how and what can make an ambulance-based Damas ".

Andrey Afanasyev: «I went in Damas, had the impression that the shock absorbers are not provided - the way from Shukhrat 16 city hospital turned my stomach in something bad, and a man with a broken head hit on the roof two times. "

Georgick: «Somehow went to this Damas with appendicitis (fortunately, it was not confirmed later). After each tussock i thought that a little more and the appendix itself will fall off ... "

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