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Algae will purify water

In Italy, the researchers bred microalgae, which are able to absorb the nutrients contained in the wastewater, which in a large volume to yield the food industry.

While modern methods of cleaning are often expensive and are not completely environmentally friendly.

In the north-west of Italy working members of the European project Saltgae, whose purpose - to reveal the potential of microalgae for wastewater treatment.

Technical director Silvio Mangini convinced - the process of photosynthesis, one of the most important in nature, can not only reduce the cost of cleaning contaminated water, but also make it a valuable economic resource: "In the project we will use wastewater from the dairy industry to start the water is pre-cleaning. and then it is used as a medium for cultivation of microalgae then we collect algae from the container with the waste water and obtain, on the one hand, purified, transparent water, while the other -. biomass, which represents ie a product with high added value and which can be sold on the market after we strictly check the quality. "

Among the species studied - spirulina algae that lives for more than 3 billion years. Scientists continue to uncover its potential - for example, the ability to grow in salt water.
Sunlight, carbon dioxide and waste water - is all that is necessary for the absorption of algae water pollutants and consequently growth. The thus-obtained alga is then dried - this valuable biomaterial used in the cosmetics industry, in the production of fodder veterinary and other fields.

Technical Manager Saltgae Robert Reinhardt says: ".. So we can save from 50 to 70% of the energy used for the purification of waste water Less energy, less CO2 emissions and, importantly, a high concentration of nutrients in the biomass".

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