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14 Feb  2019 1224

Airbus halts production of A380

The company announced the end of A380 deliveries in 2021. The reason – the main buyer - Emirates - is reducing its A380 orderbook from 162 to 123 aircrafts.

“As a result of this decision we have no substantial A380 backlog and hence no basis to sustain production, despite all our sales efforts with other airlines in recent years. This leads to the end of A380 deliveries in 2021,” said Airbus Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders. “The consequences of this decision are largely embedded in our 2018 full year results”.

Meanwhile, Emirates are waiting for 14 further A380s to be delivered over the next two years. The UAE air flagman shifted the focus from A380 to A330 and A350,  ordering  70 new aircrafts.

The A380 was made to sustain large distances and was mostly used on Trans-Atlantic routes. Gigantic double-decker, four-engine aircraft, that could carry more than 500 passengers, provoked too many problems since it started operating in 2008 – it was called too expensive and some airports had to make renovation in order to be able to accommodate it.

Photo credits to The Independent.

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