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4 Apr  2019 3692

Mahalla’s authorities expanded

According to the Decree of the head of state, from now on, the actual problems of citizens will be determined and solved through the “makhalla - sector - People’s reception - makhalla” principle. According to it, self-government authorities will participate in the local socio-economic development programs.

The document states that the chairmen of the citizens' assembly should quarterly submit information about the actual problems of their community to the heads of the sectors and to the People’s Reception. Questions requiring immediate resolution will be recommended for display in relevant programs.

In addition, chairmen of the citizens' assembly will have to contribute information on the results of work on their territory by employees of state bodies and other organizations, including representatives of the road construction, electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage, municipal and social sectors.

 Submitted information will be a subject for encouragement or disciplinary responsibility for the state employees.

The chairmen of citizens’ assemblies will have two more deputies on a voluntary basis: an adviser on social and spiritual and educational issues, as well as an he adviser on promoting entrepreneurship, owners of homestead lands and affairs of improvement.

Moreover, the abovementioned Decree ensures the independence of self-government authorities. Together with the Supreme Court, a law will be drafted within two months providing for the establishment of administrative responsibility for unlawful interference with the activities of citizens 'self-government bodies, non-execution or improper execution of their decisions, as well as violation of guarantees of the activities of the citizens' assembly chairman.

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