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2 Okt  2019 937

"Registan" will be open until midnight

Government Resolution "On additional measures for the effective use and development of the tourist potential of the Samarkand region" was accepted, according to the Ministry of Justice.

According to the decree, to October 1, 2019 the land in the city of Samarkand, with the exception of areas included in the UNESCO list, provided to individuals and legal entities for the construction of hotels through online auction trading platform «E-IJRO AUKSION».

Also, the boulevard "University", the streets Karimov, Alisher Navoi and Pushkin city of Samarkand in 2019-2021 years of organized tourism infrastructure with the involvement of private investors.
In accordance with the decision:

- gardens Tamerlane "Bogi Baland" and "Bogi Shamol will be recreated " by defining the place of dislocation of gardens and the restoration of their historic appearance;

- in coordination with UNESCO will be carried out the restoration of archaeological monuments "Sherozi kala", "Dobusiya" Revdatskogo town - Kofir kala, Afrasiab;

- "open air" museums will be held in the territory of archaeological sites  with the introduction of electronic accounting systems visitors.

It was found that with the October 1, 2019 during the tourist season (March-November) "Registan" complex will run from 7:00 hours to 24:00 hours daily.

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