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Uzbekistan – Korean IT faculty launched at TPCIT

 The joint TPCIT and Bucheon University (South Korea) faculty for Development and maintenance of control devices opened at Tashkent Professional College of Information Technologies (TPCIT).

According to TPCIT Director Dmitriy Lee, training in Development and maintenance of control devices allows preparing a new generation of IT specialists with the latest knowledge and skills.  

The curriculum of the new faculty based on the materials of Bucheon University. The first two years the students will study in Tashkent. Here they will master special subjects and simultaneously study in-depth Korean and English. For the activities of the new faculty, an entire college floor was allocated, which was repaired and equipped with the most modern equipment. South Korean partners equipped laboratories for practical training. While the design and equipment are in line with those at Bucheon University.

After completing the second course, students successfully passed all special disciplines and received a certificate of the third level of proficiency in Korean will receive a state diploma of a local sample and will continue their studies in the third year of undergraduate education at Bucheon University. Unqualified students will get only a state diploma of a local sample, confirming their possession of a specialty and giving the right to work.

A special department at Bucheon University is engaged with graduates’ employment. The university works closely with many large corporations and companies interested in qualified personnel. Therefore, all students from Uzbekistan will also be assisted in finding a job.

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