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1 Apr  2019 1412

Prices rose again in Uzbekistan

State Committee on Statistics estimated consumer prices growth for goods and services in March at 1.2%.

According to the Committee report, in January-March 2019, goods and services on the consumer market became more expensive by 4.3%. Over the year, the average check in the consumer sector grew by 13.6%.

Food prices increased by 1.5%, non-food products - by 0.8%. Services rose in price by 1.2%. Among food fruit and vegetable (4.5%) and dairy (1.5%), products rose the most.

In general, for last three months, fruits and vegetables on average, rose by 17.7%, including fruit - by 21.9%, vegetables - by 20.5%, potatoes - by 1.3%.

Of non-food items, the price tag for personal care products (2.1%), clothing (1.7%) and footwear (1.3%) increased the most. Since the beginning of the year, tariffs for paid services have increased on average by 2.5%. Among them, educational services rose in price by 6.2%, communications by 3.9% and the tariff of cultural institutions by 3.2%.

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